Photography is my passion. I love taking photographs. A flower, interesting piece of architecture, a bridge, a nice landscape with or without clouds, all are subjects for my camera.

A walk along a beach results in photos of the ocean, the waves crashing on the shore. An ocean sunrise or sunset is welcome too and they are some of my favorite subjects. Ponds, lakes, streams, rivers, and creeks add another dimension to water scenes as well.

Fireworks are favorites of mine too. No two are ever alike and the interesting colors and patterns will add interest to any type of décor, either in your home or office or any corporate setting.

Living primarily in Pennsylvania I have taken many pictures of old Pennsylvania farm barns and the famous covered bridges. A colored print of any of these will bring a piece of Americana to your home or office.

Abstract photos are popular too as they add interest to ordinary scenes and objects.

Please take your time to browse my website. I have many beautiful photos here and will be adding more on a regular basis. The are all for sale in a variety of paper and fine art prints, as wall art, desk art, keepsakes, greeting cards, and albums.